River Parish Foods, LLC is a company with a history rich in food, flavor and quality. The company is owned and operated by the Sheets family from Gonzales, Louisiana. The Sheets family have been involved with quality food production for over four generations. Our company is home to two quality brands: Veron and Martin's Smoked Sausage and Andouille. We offer over a 100 years of business between Veron and Martin's smoked sausage to bring quality products to your home and families.

J.P. Veron originally began Veron Smoked Sausage from a backyard meat market in Gramercy, Louisiana. Our sausage stays true to the traditional "river parish" recipe he first made from home in 1938.  We finely grind boneless shoulder meat from high quality Iowa pork to fill our sausage, and use a courser grind for our andouille.  A traditional blend of garlic, red pepper and spices season our family sausage, which is prepared using the same time-honored methods followed for generations.  Smoked in our old smokehouse then packaged fresh our products promise the same famous taste your grandparents enjoyed.

Dedicated to preserving the tastes of South Louisiana, our sausage holds only quality ingredients, honoring J.P. Veron's commitment to freshness.  With skilled hands, we make our family sausage following the same process we have used for generations.  Beginning with the seasoning combination handed down from the original recipe, we take our time to ensure the sausage you open and enjoy at home is the same we have enjoyed in our home for years.

Lending full, rich flavor to beans and stews, Veron's is always a family favorite.  Try our andouille in your next gumbo for deep local taste with a kick and get why cajun cooks love their Veron's.

Martin's Smoked Sausage has been an Ascension Parish tradition since 1952, and stays true to the original Charles Martin family recipe. Onion, black pepper and seasonings are blended with boneless shoulder pork finely ground and smoked for a rich, mild flavor.

Ideal for poboys, sandwiches or BBQ, our sausage is a favorite for the whole family anytime.  Try our sausage with breakfast as well, and start your day Martin's way.

Now packaged for the twenty-first century, Veron and Martin's sausage ships directly throughout Louisiana and is still delivered by our own trucks to groceries across the state everyday.  In the hands of those preserving our heritage for over thirty years, we guarantee you will still enjoy the deep smoked sausage taste each time you open our package.

The Sheets family has made a commitment to use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in the making of all our products. We have mastered the old time techniques of sausage production and blend that with the latest available technology for packaging and preserving that level of quality all the way to our customers' tables. We are a modern company that strives to give our customers the quality and value of the old days.

At River Parish Foods, LLC our motto is "From our Family to Yours." We are committed to community involvement and participate in local festivals, fundraisers, sporting events and local raffles. River Parish Foods, LLC is proud to be in your homes and will always strive to provide quality products for your families.


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